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A.J.C. Hits “inadequate” Congressional Record in Civil Rights Area

The record of the 83rd Congress in enacting legislation to end racial inequality was decried today as “woefully inadequate” by Shad Polier, chairman of the National Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress. While noting that the 83rd Congress “was no worse than its predecessors, ” Mr. Polier pointed out that the new Administration’s failure to put through an “affirmative program” on civil rights, “no matter how minimal, ” was particularly “disappointing.”

In a statement analyzing the record of the 83rd Congress, Mr. Polier noted that little or no headway had been made by either the House or the Senate on all the standard items of the civil rights program. He underlined its failure to act on the bipartisan Ives-Humphrey FEPC bill and on proposals to liberalize the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act – despite President Eisenhower’s campaign promise.