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Egypt Warned Against Continuing Provocations Against Israel

Egypt stood warned today that continuation of its attacks on Israeli lives and property would result in unpleasant consequences. This warning was voiced by an Israeli military spokesman here as Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Moshe Dayan met with the United Nations truce supervisor, Maj. Gen. Burns, in Jerusalem, in a discussion of the recent Egyptian attacks in the Negev which culminated in yesterday’s blasting of a main water line serving Israel’s Negev settlements in the area adjoining the Egyptian-held Gaza strip.

The military spokesman charged that the recent Egyptian attacks in the Gaza strip area indicate that the Egyptians, after having secured British agreement to evacuate the Suez Canal zone, are attempting to increase tension along this border. He urged the United Nations truce staff to insist that the Egyptians in Gaza live up to their armistice agreement obligations. He also suggested that UN observers take this action now, instead of waiting for new murders and acts of sabotage.

Since September 2, attacks by Egyptians in the Gaza border zone have accounted for the murder of two Israelis, the wounding of two more, the blasting of an important road bridge, the stealing of a herd of cattle and several attacks on Israeli vehicles as well as yesterday’s disruption of the pipeline.