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229 Jews Emigrated from Canada to Israel During Last Five Years

A total of 229 Jews left Canada for Israel during the last five years, according to figures released here today by the Youth and Chalutziut Commission of the United Zionist Council.

The organizational affiliation of the emigrants was as follows: Bachad 24; Habonim 68; Hashavim 6; Hashomer Hatzair 64; Hechalutz Hatzair 12; Young Judaea 5; professionals 18; and unaffiliated 22. Ten young people went to study at the Hebrew University or the various “Ulpanim.”

Total departures per annum were as follows: 1950–80; 1951–60; 1952–43; 1953–28; 1954 to Sept. 1–18. Another 14 will leave for Israel before the end of the year.