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Nazi Sentenced for Killing of Jew More Than 21 Years Ago

Storm Troop Lieutenant Helmut Hoter was given four and one-half years at hard labor by the local Court of Assizes, with two years of pretrial custody to be deducted, for one of the first killings of Jews perpetrated after the Nazis’ advent to power.

In May 1933 Hoter and his group of brown shirted Storm Troops kidnapped a Jewish dentist from the Ruhr city of Wuppertal, Dr. Meyer, and took him to the headquarters of the unit commanded by Hoter. There, the dentist was beaten to death in bestial fashion, stuffed into a sack and thrown in a nearby river. In 1948, when Hoter was to have been arrested, he fled to Switzerland and claimed asylum as a political refugee. He was eventually extradited, however.