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Boston Jewish Council Hits Racial Tones in Election Campaign

Political appeals to religious and ethnic prejudices were decried in a strong statement issued this week by the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston. “We view with strong misgiving political appeals to religious and ethnic prejudices appearing in the recent primary elections and we urge an end to such vote-getting efforts in the campaigns now in progress,” the statement said.

In some instances, these appeals have sought to create the mistaken impression that there is a ‘Jewish vote’ which ought to be mustered for a candidate who has indicated special devotion to the interests of the Jewish people. Again a letter has appeared branding a candidate as anti-Semitic solely on the basis of rumor.

“Either the appeal to the non-existent ‘Jewish vote’ or an unfounded charge of anti-Semitism can only serve to divide, instead of to unite at a time when we all pride ourselves on voting on the basis of merit and performance,” the Jewish Community Council pointed out.