Berlin Ratifies United Nations Genocide Convention
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Berlin Ratifies United Nations Genocide Convention

This city, which is not part of the West German Federal Republic in the constitutional sense, has approved the United Nations Genocide Convention of 1948 by a unanimous vote of the municipal parliament, the House of Delegates.

A bill incorporating the provisions of the UN Convention into the penal code of Germany was adopted by the Bonn parliament last July and promulgated the following month. Its validity has now been formally extended to the three Western sectors of Germany’s former capital.

The Federal Republics instrument of ratification was to have been filed with the UN Secretary General in early September, but has not yet been so deposited. Informed circles suspect that the delay may be attributed to the impending recall of Dr. Hans E. Riesser, Consul General in New York and observer at the United Nations, who is a descendant of the famous Jewish attorney and pioneer of Jewish emancipation in Germany, Gabriel Riesser.

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