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Plans Made for Placing Ort School Graduates in Tunisian Industry

A plan for the establishment of special sponsorship committees of employers to aid in the placement of ORT school graduates in Tunis was set up here following talks between Dr. Aron Syngalowski, president of the World ORT Union, and General Boyer de la Tour, Resident General of Tunis and Prime Minister H.E. Tahar Ben Amar.

In these discussions Dr. Synaglowski pointed out that the effectiveness of the Tunisian ORT schools would only be proved by careful placement of its graduates and noted that a tendency toward emigration would be encouraged under conditions where trained craftsmen are unemployed. Dr. Syngalowski also met with the Minister of Education and Elie Nataf, president of ORT in Tunis.

Discussions of ORT plans for 1955 also took place between Dr. Synagalowski and representatives of the Joint Distribution Committee, Alliance Israelite, Jewish Agency, and local Jewish community leaders. Enrollment in ORT schools is now at 580.