Egyptian Raiders Attack Negev Settlement; Blast Two Houses
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Egyptian Raiders Attack Negev Settlement; Blast Two Houses

Infiltrators from Egypt last night blasted two empty houses in the settlement of Patish, in the Western Negev, an Israel military spokesman reported this morning. Israel has protested to the Israel-Egyptian Mixed Armistice Commission and a team of UN observers has already begun an on-the-spot investigation, he added.

The military spokesman charged that a commando unit from the Egyptian-held Gaza strip infiltrated the Israel village about 8 P.M. Apparently they set their dynamite charges, lit the fuses and immediately headed back toward their base across the demarcation lines.

The Israel-Egyptian Mixed Armistice Commission adopted two resolutions today condemning Egypt for an attack on an Israel patrol near Kissufim on October 30 and for an attack on an Israel Bedouin encampment on October 29.

A third resolution condemned Israel for firing on an Egyptian position on October 30. The Israelis maintained that it was from this position that the attack was made on their patrol.

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