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U.S. Orthodox Jews Urged Not to Demonstrate Against Israel

Orthodox Jews in America were today asked to call off their demonstrations against the Israel Government following a conference here between Orthodox leaders and Mordecai Namir, secretary general of the Histadrut.

Present at the parley were Rabbi M. Shenberg, of the Neturei Karta sect in Israel, and a Mr. Zofman, an Orthodox leader in the United States. They discussed the situation which developed after the opening of a playground and club by a Labor group on the edge of the Mea Shearim quarter, in which many Neturei Karta members live. Afterwards, the request to call off demonstrations was cabled to the U.S. by Mr. Zofman.

Meanwhile, Israel police have once again arrested Rabbi Amram Blau, Neturei Karta leader, and seven of his followers when they again attempted to demonstrate in front of the club. The ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta has insisted on removal of the club on the grounds that the activities fostered by the Labor group would tend to “corrupt” Orthodox youth.