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Israel Cool to Plan for Internationalization of Gaza Strip

Richard Crossman, British Laborite member of Parliament, told a press conference here that he had not found Israel “over happy” on his plan for the internationalization of the Gaza coastal strip in southern Palestine and its administration by Britain, France and the United States.

Mr. Crossman has been advocating this plan as a measure to solve in part the Palestine Arab refugee problem and as a means of removing friction between Israel and Egypt. The British Laborite was critical of American policy in sending arms to the Arab States, warning that course was the “gravest political mistake.”

He asserted that the presence of British troops in the Middle East does not contribute to the stabilization of the Middle East but sometimes even created irridenta. He expressed criticism of the British policy of heavy expenditures for military purposes in Jordan without a corresponding expenditure for development there and voiced the view that responsible British circles are beginning to see that they must alter the balance for the benefit of Jordan.