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Peron Grants 100 Argentine Visas for Jewish Dp’s in Germany

Argentina’s President, Juan Peron, has begun to redeem his promise of a year ago, to permit into Argentina 100 families of the refugees remaining in the last DP camp in Germany, it was announced today by Ben Touster, president of United HIAS Service, Jewish international migration agency, He said that visas for the first 80 persons have been received by the Argentine Consul in Munich.

As a contribution toward the task of emptying the last DP camp for Jewish displaced persons at Foehrenwald, Germany, General Peron early in 1954 acquiesced to the requests of representatives of United HIAS Service in Buenos Aires, and the organization’s affiliate, Soprotimis, to grant immigration visas to 100 Jewish families of the Foehrenwald group.

News today reached world headquarters of United HIAS Service here that while visas for only 80 persons of the Foehrenwald population had been received by the Argentine Consul in Munich, the rest of the visas would be issued as they are processed in the Argentine capital.