Dr. Schteingart, Argentine Jewish Leader, Arrives in New York
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Dr. Schteingart, Argentine Jewish Leader, Arrives in New York

Dr. Mario Schteingart, president of the B’nai B’rith of Argentina and one of the founders of the Jewish institute for Culture and information there, has arrived here to study various aspects of American Jewish life and to confer with leaders of American Jewish organizations.

Since 1931, except for short intervals, he has been president of the Argentine Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a member of the Board of the Religious Jewish Education Society and of the School of Higher Jewish Studies. He is also a member of the UJA in Argentina and a member of the Supreme Tribunal of Hebrew Society of Argentina and of several other Jewish philanthropic associations.

Dr. Schteingart is a member of the Argentine Medical Association, the Endocrinological Association, the Societe Therapeutique de Paris, the International Society of Internal Medicine, the Nutrition Society of Brazil, and the Cuban Cardiological Society. He is recipient of the “Jose Alvarez Prize” from the University of Cordoba; “Mitre Prize” granted by the Buenos Aires National Academy of Medicine for his book on clinical endocrinology.

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