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? ? Cabinet Council to Meet Tomorrow on Jewish Claims

The states of the indemnification talks between Jewish ? and Australian officials was described here today as more hopeful, following the communications made by the Jewish delegation ? as last meeting with the Austrian minutes xpected in new legislation for the computerization of Nazi victims although ? ???ements were discretely. Since the proposed new law is not basically ? to ben??? Wide categories of appointments the Jewish delegates asked for more ?????one as to exactly how broad an exis??? on ? envisioned by the legislation.

C?????er line Bash continued to insist the ? is prepared to spend consider comments he had made to the Minister Counter and to older a reconsideration of Austrian plans. A meeting of the G???ain Count it will be head on Tuesday after ??ck Char???lot Ra?b will con? ? ? detergent ? out ? could not be ascertained ? there this contact would be followed by meeting with the Austrian Ministers.