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Israel Envoy in U.S. Appeals for Assistance to Haifa Technion

Transformation of the entire Middle East “from a desolate, backward and unhappy region into a thriving, forward-looking part of the world” rests upon expansion of the Israel Institute of Technology. Israel Minister Plenipotentiary Reuven Shiloah declared tonight at a $100-a-plate testimonial dinner given to Harry F. Fischbach, New York industrialist.

Addressing more than 1,100 guests in the grand ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria, Mr. Shiloah said: “Israel strives to be not only a progressive, self-supporting, democratic nation, but also a source of strength to the development and prosperity of all the peoples of the Middle East. The Israel Institute of Technology already has played a vital role in improving my country’s economy, industry and agriculture, housing and road-building, but the great task is still to come.”