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Israel Charges Egypt with Unwillingness to Relax Border Tension

Egypt’s latest aggressions along the Gaza Strip, placed in perspective against Egypt’s “uncooperative” attitude in the Gaza border talks under the chairmanship of Maj. Gen. E.L.M. Burns, were viewed by the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman here today as “particularly ominous.”

Two anti-vehicle mines were discovered by Israeli troops Friday along the Israel army routine patrol route close to the border, near Kissufim. A group of Egyptians was seen at about the same time in a gully nearby, but the infiltrators retreated when challenged by the Israel patrol.

In view of the fact that Egypt’s representatives in the Gaza conversations under Gen. Burns “maintained stubbornness through two full days,” the Ministry spokesman declared, the mine-laying incidents proved Egypt’s continuing unwillingness to pacify the Gaza border as requested by the United Nation Security Council. The Gaza talks were begun on direct orders of the Security Council.