Head of Israel Delegation Says Geneva Atom Parley Was Stimulating
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Head of Israel Delegation Says Geneva Atom Parley Was Stimulating

Walter Eytan, director general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and head of the Israel delegation to the atoms for peace conference here, said today that the conference which closed yesterday had given a “valuable stimulus to Israel’s scientific workers, in common with their colleagues all over the world.”

“Many countries have taken a friendly interest in Israel’s progress and problems.” he declared. “I hope that the contacts made at Geneva will prove valuable for future cooperation between Israel and other nations.” Turning to aspects of the conference it self; he stated:

“It is increasingly clear that the extended use of atomic energy will raise problems of an entirely different nature–social, administrative, legal and economic–which the governments are only now giving serious thought. It is possible that at some time in the not too distant future a new conference will be called to discuss the non-scientific implications of atomic energy as it is used more widely for the generation of power in industry and agriculture” Israel, he added, had come to learn that “this purpose has, to a large extent, been accomplished.”

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