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Two Jewish Doctors Get $42,000 Federal Cancer Research Grant

A $42,000 three-year grant for cancer research has been awarded Mount Zion Hospital here by the Federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The award, made through the National Cancer Institute, goes to Drs. Donald E. Bernstein, and Gerson R. Biskind, whose experimental work in the transplantation of the adrenal gland was widely publicized when their paper was read at the national parley of the American Cancer Society here last Spring. The operations were performed by Dr. A. L. Brown, chief of surgery at Mount Zion.

The research will involve continued work on the experimental operation, in which the adrenal gland was transplanted in 17 patients with cancer of the breast. In each case, the condition was so advanced that there was no hope of recovery through any other treatment. Eleven of the patients survive, and ten of them are still considered doing well anywhere from ten months to two years after the operation. While the Mt. Zion physicians do not consider any of the patients to be “cured,” their research is considered to be of great importance in studying the influence of hormones on breast cancer.