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Special Prayer for United Nations to Be Offered in U.S. Synagogues

A special prayer to be offered in synagogues throughout the United States in behalf of the United Nations was issued here today by Dr. Abraham J. Feldman, president of the Synagogue Council, which represents Orthodox, Conservative and Reform congregations. The prayer will be recited in synagogues of all three movements on October 22, the Sabbath before United Nations Day, October 24.

The Conference Committee of National Jewish Women’s Organizations, comprising 11 national organizations with a total membership of 1,000,000 women, yesterday re-affirmed its faith in the work and ideals of the United Nations. A resolution greeting the 10th anniversary of the UN declared: “We hold in high esteem the principles and purposes of the United Nations and salute it as the great unifying moral and spiritual force in our time, the only instrument in existence for the negotiation of world peace.”