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U.S. Labor Zionists Ask Dulles for “bold Initiative” on Middle East

An urgent plea has been cabled by the Labor Zionist Assembly to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, now attending the Big Four Foreign Minister’s Conference in Geneva, to take “the bold initiative” on the present Middle Eastern situation “before it is too late.” Baruch Zuckerman, veteran leader of the Labor Zionist Movement in the U.S. and chairman of the Assembly, expressed grave concern in the cable, lest the rapid and alarming developments in the Middle East explode in an outbreak of renewed war.

While this would be aimed primarily against Israel, Mr. Zuckerman declared, it would endanger the peace and security of the whole Free World, including our own United States. “As long as this threat is allowed to remain unchecked, the so-called ‘Geneva Spirit’ is meaningless,” he stressed.