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Pro-nazi Lawyer Scuttles Trial of Concentration Camp Physician

Alfred Seidl, an attorney who specializes in securing the acquittal of Nazi war criminals, today forced the indefinite adjournment of a court trial, at Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, against concentration camp physician Dr. Hermann Fischer who is accused of having been an accessory to murder in at least forty cases.

While a camp physician in Oranienburg, Sachsenhausen, Bergen-Belsen and Flossenouerg, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the SS, he ordered the killing of sick or exhausted inmates by injecting them with excess doses of such drugs as phenol or Novocain. At present, Dr. Fischer practices in Duesseldorf. Mr. Seidl brought about the indefinite adjournment of the case by refusing to proceed as long as his plea was being recorded by the Bavarian Radio.