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Argentine Jews Demand Lifting of Anti-jewish Restrictions

Requests for the ending of various anti-Jewish practices, long in force here, were made today in a memorandum sent to President Pedro E. Aramburu by DAIA, the central representative body of Jewish organizations in Argentina.

The requests include permission to use the Yiddish language at public meetings without obtaining previous permits from the police; lifting of the ban against Jewish medical students and their interning in Argentine hospitals; and lifting of the ban against Jewish immigration into this country. The memorandum expresses the hope that compulsory Catholic teaching will not be reinstated in the public schools.

The memorandum asks the government to ban the publication of “Der Weg,” an anti-Semitic German-language monthly; and calls the government’s attention to the fact that Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is still available in book stores in this country.