Belgian Government Tolerates Overhauling of Arms for Egypt
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Belgian Government Tolerates Overhauling of Arms for Egypt

The use of a large workshop in Antwerp for the overhaul of British “surplus” war materiel and its transshipment from that port to Egypt was denounced today by the vast majority of the Belgian press. Egyptian officers are in Antwerp supervising the repair and shipment of the war supplies, which was originally sold to British scrap dealers for conversion to civilian uses.

Until now the Belgian Government, which is fully aware of the nature of the operation, has done nothing to interfere with this “commercial” arrangement. The goods arrive from Britain “in transit” and leave Belgium on export licenses which describe the shipments as “agricultural material.” Unless either the British or Belgian Governments intervene, the large-scale flow of British surplus arms will continue.

The various items are refurbished by arms specialists in the employ of the Zellick Company. The plant is strictly off limits to the press and one news photographer who attempted to take a picture was warned off with the threat that if he snapped the shutter his camera would be destroyed.

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