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Eisenhower Renominates Sobeloff; Southern Senator Indicates Objection

A special Senate investigation of Solicitor General Simon Sobeloff, renominated last week by President Eisenhower as a Federal circuit judge, was urged here yesterday by Sen. Olin D. Johnston of South Carolina. The President’s nomination of Mr. Sobeloff is for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which embraces Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North and South Carolina.

The original nomination of Mr. Sobeloff was made last July, but the Senate-adjourned before acting on it. At that time, a number of Southern Senators made known their opposition to Mr. Sobeloffs appointment because he had headed the government’s case against segregation in the public schools which had culminated in the U.S. Supreme Courts decision of 1955 ordering the Southern states to desegregate their public schools.