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Dr. Mordecai Kaplan Receives Award for His Contribution to Zionism

“The purpose of the Zionist movement should be to reconstitute world Jewry as a spiritual people,” according to Professor Mordecai M. Kaplan, Professor of Philosophies of Religion at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Prof. Kaplan spoke, at a luncheon marking the end of the 1955-56 Seminary-Israel institute held here.

Dr. Kaplan received this year’s Seminary-Israel Institute award, for “his singular contribution to the development of Zionism as an effective intellectual and spiritual movement, his indefatigable labors in the enterprise of building the State of Israel, and his ceaseless efforts to bring about better understanding everywhere of the role of the new State in history. The Seminary Israel Institute is an annual lecture program undertaken jointly by the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Jewish Agency.