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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Sobeloff As Solicitor General

The Senate Judiciary Committee overrode Southern opposition this week-end and approved President Eisenhower’s long-delayed nomination of Solicitor General Simon E. Sobeloff to be judge of the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The vote was announced as 9 to 2 in the Judiciary Committee, with one member, Sen. John L. McClellan, voting present. Four other members of the committee were absent.The two opposition votes were cast by Sen. Olin D. Johnston of South Carolina, and Sen. James O. Eastland of Mississippi, the committee chairman. Reported as voting for approval of the nomination were: Sens. Butler, Dirksen, Watkins, Langer, Kefauver, Hennings, O’Mahoney, Neely and Wiley. The nomination will be referred to the Senate. Sen. Johnston said he and other opponents would wage a “prolonged” fight against confirmation by the Senate.