South Africa Bars ‘protocols’ and Other Anti-semitic Works
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South Africa Bars ‘protocols’ and Other Anti-semitic Works

A number of anti-Semitic books and pamphlets are included in the consolidated list of publications, the distribution of which is prohibited in the Union of South Africa. The new, consolidated list appeared today in the Official Gazette.

Publications banned here include the forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Henry Ford’s “The International Jew,” and various pamphlets issued by “The Britons” an anti-Semitic group in England. One of the pamphlets blacklisted here was an attack on Kol Nidre as “an immoral prayer.” Another, “The World’s Enemies” is an attack on the Jewish people.

Publication of the blacklist in the Official Gazette does not represent a new action by the Union Government but merely a consolidation of various Government orders of recent months into one comprehensive list.

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