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Ben Gurion Says Eisenhower Assured Him Fedayeen Would Not Return

Premier David Ben Gurion of Israel said last night that he understood that President Eisenhower’s letter to him requesting the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Egypt contained assurances that the United Nations Emergency Force would be placed in the Suez Canal zone and would not allow the return of “assassins” to the frontier areas. Mr. Ben Gurion’s remarks were contained in a television interview with Edward R. Murrow which was filmed Sunday and telecast last night.

Asked about the outlook for peace in the Middle East, the Israeli Premier said that that depended on one thing–whether the General Assembly proposed to “save the fascist dictator in Egypt or peace in the Middle East.” He appealed to the American people to preserve the unity of the free world which he said was endangered.

(At the United Nations, Ambassador Abba Eban today had a comprehensive discussion with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., the head of the U. S. delegation on Middle Eastern matters now before the United Nations. This was their first meeting since the outbreak of hostilities in the Sinai Peninsula.)