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Jewish Body Agrees to Postpone Settlement of Slave Labor Claims

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the management of the IG-Farben chemical corporation have agreed not to go through with the original plan of convening a special stockholders meeting to approve a settlement, tentatively set at $7,150,000, of all claims by slave laborers exploited by the firm during the war in the synthetic rubber plant at Buna-Monowitz.

Instead, the settlement proposal about which negotiations are continuing, is to be submitted to the next regular stockholders meeting, probably in March. The readiness of the IG-Farben chemical empire to meet certain claims for back pay and damages submitted by 2,400 surviving slave laborers is the result of a test suit brought in the German courts five years ago by Norbert Wollheim, then a leader of the Jews in the British Zone of Germany and now a New York resident. It is also due to the realization that while the Wollheim litigation is in progress, IG-Farben cannot take certain financial measures it considers necessary.