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Rabbis, Scientists Seek the Site of the Ten Commandments in Sinai

A selected group of Rabbis, scientists, geographers and Bible experts, brought together under the auspices of the Ministry of Religion concluded this week-end after lengthy discussion–that “3,500 years after the event, it’s very hard to establish the exact spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments.”

Rabbi Shlomo Cahane, director general of the Ministry of Religion, told the conference that it was more important to bring to the Jewish people the spirit of Sinai than to bring the people to the site of Mt. Sinai. However, the meeting decided to undertake further scientific study of the Sinai desert in the hope of discovering the site of Biblical Mr. Sinai. Over the years Christian and Moslem sources have placed the height at various places in the desert, but Jewish scholars have rejected these sites as unlikely.