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Javits Starts Three-day Tour of Israel; Sees U.S. Friendship Assured

Jacob K. Javits, Senator-elect from New York State embarked today on a three-day tour of Israel. He is accompanied by Harry Torczyner, Zionist Organization of America leader.

Speaking at a meeting of leaders of all Israeli parties except the Communists, Mr. Javits declared last night that the feelings of the American people toward Israel had not changed. He advised against Israel’s seeking new friends because it was assured of America’s friendship despite the fact that differences occurred occasionally.

Referring to the recent Israel action in Sinai, the Senator-elect said that the American people were fully aware that Israel’s action had been motivated by a “deep feeling of justification” for self-defense and not by a desire to expand Israel’s territory. The meeting was held at ZOA House, which was built and is supported by the Zionist Organization of America.