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Iraq Asks U. N. to Remove “danger of Israel”; Scores Peace Offer

The only way to settle the problem in the Middle East is to remove “the danger of Israel–once and for all,” Fadil Jamali of Iraq told the General Assembly today. His statement in the general debate was a response to the peace offer made in the Assembly yesterday by Mrs. Golda Meir, Foreign Minister for Israel.

Attacking Mrs. Meir, her government and her peace offer, Mr. Jamali stated that Israel’s policy is one of “commercialized peace” and Mrs. Meir’s reasoning lead him only to the conclusion that Israel wants to abolish peace from the world.

Meanwhile, in the General Assembly’s budget committee the Arab and Soviet blocs ganged up today for the second successive day against Britain, France and Israel–with Israel the prime target–insisting that those who are guilty of “aggression” against Egypt must be made to pay the $10,000,000 cost of clearing the Suez Canal. On behalf of Canada, the country which originally proposed the establishment of the UN Emergency Force, S. Pollock advised the committee today that the costs of UNEF be apportioned among all members of the UN on the same formula used for assessing routine costs for UN projects.