Herut Demonstration in Jerusalem Protests Evacuation of Sinai
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Herut Demonstration in Jerusalem Protests Evacuation of Sinai

Some 3,000 persons attended a mass rally and demonstration here tonight called by the Herut to protest against the Israel Government’s decision to evacuate the Sinai Peninsula. Herut leader Menahem Beigin addressed 2,000 persons in a cinema and loudspeakers carried his words to another 1,000 who could not get inside the theatre.

The meeting resolved to appeal to all member states of the United Nations, except the Soviet and Arab blocs asking support of Israel’s cause. Then the meeting was converted into a torch light parade thought the city’s streets. A plan to send a delegation to Premier David Ben Gurion was cancelled when the Premier sent word that he would not receive the delegation.

High government sources tonight asserted that the reason for the Herut demonstration was the absence of assurances that the Sinai Peninsula would not again become a base for Egyptian aggression against Israel. Nonetheless, it was stressed that the government will abide by its decision to withdraw from Sinai.

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