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Regulations on Pensions to Widows of Nazi Victims Become Effective

Regulations dealing with pensions for widows and orphans of Nazi victims, as well as with compensation for those who were invalided by Nazi maltreatment in concentration camps or jails, have now entered into effect. Another regulation, concerned with economic damage and injuries to professional advancement is currently in preparation.

The first of the two implementation regulations that has now been promulgated prescribes the manner of computation of the pensions to which widows and minor children of those killed by the Nazis are entitled, provided certain residence and other requirements are met. The second regulation limits benefits to those who, as a direct result of Nazi persecution, suffered physical injuries or damage to their health so serious that their earning capacity has been lastingly reduced by more than 30 percent. The present state of health, no matter how bad, is not of significance for determination of the “causal relationship” between persecution and invalidism, the new regulation expressly states.