Tension Subsides in Israel Textile Strike; Textile Prices Rise
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Tension Subsides in Israel Textile Strike; Textile Prices Rise

Both management and workers at the Ata textile factory continued today to refuse to negotiate with each other “at the same table,” as a government mediator continued his efforts to end a strike which has already caused an increase in textile prices and given rise to a clash between pickets and police.

Tension subsided today, however, as only a few pickets were placed in front of Ata retail outlets and made no attempt to interfere with customers entering the shops. Meanwhile, three striking workers have initiated a test case by filing suits for their April wages.

Meanwhile, the government announced that the April cost of living index had risen four points over March to a peak of 265, guaranteeing an automatic cost of living bonus for employes in industry, white collar jobs and civil servants next July unless prices drop drastically before then. A year ago, the index was 246, based on September 1951 as 100.

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