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Israel Participates in International Geophysical Year; Reports Plans

Israel is participating in the International Geophysical Year, which began throughout the world today, with a comprehensive program of data collection. Information will be sought on meteorology, the ionosphere and cosmic rays as seen from observation posts here.

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Technion in Haifa and the Government’s meteorological service are the three main participating institutions. Meteorological field measurements and radiation reports will be made in Jerusalem, Haifa and Lydda. Radio wind observations will be made daily during the entire geophysical year, which is actually 18 months. Measurements also will be made in Elath.

Centers of the observations will include the roof of the new physics building of the Haifa Technion and two caves on the slopes of Mount Carmel where underground cosmic ray intensity will be recorded. Ionospheric measurements will start next December because an ionospheric recorder to be received on loan from the United States Committee for the Geophysical Year has not yet arrived.