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Moscow Radio Defends Syria; Says. U.S. Providing Israel with Arms

The allegation that the United States has provided Israel with destroyers, military aircraft, tanks and other munitions was made today in an Arab language broadcast from Moscow where anti-Israel propaganda has been stepped up during the last few days.

The broadcast said that the United States is “plotting” with Israel to use the Israeli army in an attack on Syria, in order to bring Syria under American domination. “Israeli troops are constantly committing provocative attacks on the Syrian frontier posts in accordance with plans worked out in Washington, “the broadcast asserted.

The Soviet radio told the Arab world that the U.S. Sixth Fleet is based off the Syrian coast and “has received an order from Washington to be ready for an immediate intervention in the event of a military clash between Israel and Syria.” The broadcast said that the United States is resorting to “the most impudent lies against Syria and Egypt.”