U.S. Delegation Arrives in Israel to Discuss $75,000,000 Loan
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U.S. Delegation Arrives in Israel to Discuss $75,000,000 Loan

A four-man delegation of the United States Export-Import Bank is scheduled to arrive here tonight in connection with Israel’s application to the bank for a $75,000,000 loan.

The delegation will study, among other projects, Israel’s four-year irrigation plan which involves development of regional and local water supplies for irrigation, irrespective of the Jordan River project. The 485,000,000 Israeli pound plan will require the spending of $85,000,000 for equipment to be bought in the United States.

Theodor Kollek, General Director of Premier Ben Gurion’s Office, said today that Israel has repaid $47,000,000 in capital and interest on $135,000,000 in loans previously granted by the Export-Import Bank.

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