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Moscow Renews Attacks on Israel; Says U.S. Instigates Israeli Action

Radio Moscow has again charged Israel with “aggression” against Syria and broadcast an implied threat that the USSR would come to Syria’s aid. In an Arabic language broadcast last night, the Soviet radio said that there were powers “capable of making them (Israeli leaders) abandon the policy of intimidation.” It also charged that U.S. “imperialists” had instigated Israeli action.

Referring to the recent Israel-Syrian border clash which cost one Israeli life and the wounding of 10 others, the announcer said: “The provocative acts of aggression carried out a few days ago by Israel armed forces on the Syrian frontier came as irrefutable proof of the shameful fact that Israeli aggressive quarters have not learned a proper lesson from the defeat of the ignominious aggression which Israel, together with the British and French imperialists, launched against Egypt.”