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Direct Arab-israel Talks Under U.N. Auspices Suggested by Afghanistan

Direct negotiations for Arab-Israel peace were urged here by a spokesman for the Government of Afghanistan at a Middle East Institute sponsored by Marquette University. Afghan Embassy Attache Mohammed Shah Sulaiman spoke on behalf of Ambassador Dr. Najib UHah and read from a text prepared by the Ambassador.

He suggested an informal approach by a committee of small neutral countries designated by the United Nations. He thought this might open a way for direct Arab-Israeli negotiations under UN auspices.

In the Ambassador’s view “there is no doubt that a lot of mistakes have been committed on the question of Israel… We are today in a mess. But what is done is done and we are realizing today a fact and it is of no use to accuse each other and to stick to recriminations and lamentations.” According to the Afghan Ambassador, “today we must find a solution and we must try to establish peace and security for both sides on the basis of numerous resolutions and recommendations of the United Nations.”