Pakistani Premier Rules out His Mediation in Arab-israel Conflict
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Pakistani Premier Rules out His Mediation in Arab-israel Conflict

Pakistani Prime Minister H.S. Suhrawardy stressed today again the need for a settlement of the Palestine problem, but ruled out any possibility of Pakistani mediation.

Still smarting under the effects of the wave of Arab protests which followed his earlier remarks about the Arab-Israel conflict on a national television program, the Prime Minister, addressing UN correspondents today, took great pains to avoid offending Arab sensibilities. Mr. Suhrawardy made the following points, which at times sounded contradictory:

1. Pakistan supports the Arab refusal to recognize Israel. 2. It regards the creation of Israel a “mistake” which has caused unfortunate tensions, but “Israel is there” and therefore a solution is necessary. 3. Pakistan believes the UN to be the best forum for reaching decisions on Palestine and supports the Arabs’ position that a settlement must be based on previous UN resolutions.

4. While sees no reason “why Arabs cannot make a settlement themselves, “he doubts the practicability of direct negotiations. 5. Any mediator would burn his hands. He believes, however, that nevertheless some nations “who command respect and confidence” could explore the grounds and attempt mediation.

Mr. Suhrawardy refused to reveal whether during his Washington talks he championed the Arab viewpoint regarding Akaba. Asked by an Arab correspondent if the presence of Israeli warships constituted a threat to Moslem pilgrimages, he replied: “Are there any there, I didn’t know?”