Nazis in Austria Demand “restitution” for Lost “aryanized” Property
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Nazis in Austria Demand “restitution” for Lost “aryanized” Property

Emboldened by recent political developments in Austria, ex-Nazis in this country are making demands for “restitution” for “Aryanized” property taken from them and for the right to wear Nazi military decorations.

A meeting at the Glasenbach camp where Nazis were interned after the end of World War II, expressed dissatisfaction with the amnesty law which has returned to them many civic rights. Speakers, including Felix Rinner, one-time prominent Gestapo officer, called for extension of the provisions of the amnesty law to their property and the reinstatement in Austrian civil service of Nazis barred by post-war legislation.

At a memorial service for Nazi troops who died fighting the Allies, in Eschnau, Lower Austria, E. Eichinger a deputy in the Austrian Parliament, and J Demelhuber, a former German Gestapo general, demanded that Austrian officers who served in the war be allowed to wear their Nazi decorations. Eichinger promised to introduce a bill to that effect in Parliament. He insisted that the Austrian Army guarantee that Austria fulfills its duty to “the whole German nation.”

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