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Jewish Scientists Credited in Moscow with Contributions to Sputnik

Five Russian Jewish scientists were included in a astrol 80 who were credited today by a key official of the Soviet Academy of Sciences with basic contributions to the Soviet Earth satellite.

The tribute was made by Alexander V. Topchiev in an article in Pravda which did no link the scientists with any specific aspects of the development of the satellite, but rather with discoveries in basic research.

The Jewish scientists and their credits were: L. D. Landau, theoretics physics of thermodynamics and statistical physics; P. L. Kapitza, discoveries in the field of liquid helium; V. I. Veksler, studies in connection with a 10 billion electron-volt atoms masher, L. I. Mandelstam, development of a phase methods of measuring distances by radio waves, used in tracking the satellite; and I. I. Ioffe, thermo-electrical phenoment.