Paris Parley Asks Morocco to Permit Emigration of Jewish Children
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Paris Parley Asks Morocco to Permit Emigration of Jewish Children

A European three-day conference of the Youth Aliyah concluded here today with an expression of satisfaction over the resumption of immigration of Jewish children from some Eastern European countries to Israel. The parley, which was attended by the representatives of the child rescue and rehabilitation movement in eleven countries, called on the Moroccan Government to permit Jewish children to quit the country if they desire.

Moshe Kol, world director of Youth Aliyah in his report of the organizations activities throughout the world, informed the delegates that 55 percent of the movement’s budget was covered by donations from the Jewish communities of the United States, Canada, South Africa and Europe. He urged these communities to increase their contributions to guarantee that no child in need of Youth Aliyah’s services be turned away.

(In Brussels, Queen Mother Elizabeth attended a performance of Darius Milhaud’s opera Macbeth which was played for the benefit of the Belgian Youth Aliyah committee. The Queen sent greetings to the Youth Aliyah parley in Paris.)

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