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United States, France Announce Recognition of United Arab Republic

The State Department today announced diplomatic recognition of the United Arab Republic of Egypt and Syria. The United States expressed its “good wishes” to the new political entity. The text of the announcement read:

“The United States Government has been officially informed of the proclamation of the United Arab Republic following the plebiscite conducted in Egypt and Syria on February 21, The United States Government, having taken note of the assurances of the United Arab Republic that it intends to respect and observe its international obligations, including the obligations of Egypt and Syria, respectively, existing at the time of the formation of the United Arab Republic, extended recognition to the Government of the United Arab Republic with the expression of its good wishes.”

(In Paris, a government spokesman announced France’s recognition of the United Arab Republic, but added that this does not mean diplomatic relations would be established immediately.)

The White House announced today that President Eisenhower will nominate Raymond A. Hare, present U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, to be Ambassador to the new United Arab Republic. The U.S. Embassy in Damascus will become a consulate.

The question of recognition of the Iraqi-Jordan Federation is still under study.