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Nazi Victims Seeking Indemnification Must File Claims This Month

Nazi victims who are eligible for the receipt of indemnification under the West German Federal Compensation Law, were urged today by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany to forward their claims to the German compensation agencies before March 31, 1958. No extension of the filing deadline will be forthcoming. Application forms may be obtained from the nearest German consulate.

Non-residents of Germany who are eligible to file claims under the Compensation Law include: 1. Former permanent residents of Germany within the boundaries of that land as they were fixed on December 31, 1937, and their heirs; 2. Former residents of areas from which Germans were expelled after the end of the last war, who were German citizens or belonged to German cultural or linguistic groups. The areas include Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Danzig; 3. Inhabitants of DP camps in West Germany as of January 1, 1947; 4. Stateless persons and refugees, even if they gained another nationality subsequently.

Victims of Nazi persecution are eligible to submit the following claims: 1. The first group: For loss of life, damage to health, imprisonment in concentration camps or ghettoes, the wearing of the Star of David, damage to property and possessions, including the payment of discriminatory taxes, emigration costs and insurance and injuries to advancement in professions and vocations; 2. The second group; For loss of life and damage to health and liberty. Also for damage to professions and vocations and discriminatory taxes, on the part of members of the group who emigrated prior to 1945; 3. The third and fourth groups: For loss of life, damage to health, imprisonment in concentration camps or ghettoes and the wearing of the Star of David.