Germany Must Fight New Anti-semitism, Not Only Reject It, Leader Says
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Germany Must Fight New Anti-semitism, Not Only Reject It, Leader Says

“Germany must not only reject any new anti-Semitism, but must fight it as an evil which was not invented by Hitler and did not disappear with him.” Joachim Lipschitz, member of the Senate in Berlin, declared here today in a statement issued upon his return to Germany. “In order to be sure that anti-Semitism will not arise again we must do the following:

“1. Germany must develop more perseverance in exercising the democratic use of power and of punishment against every enemy of humanity–those who persist in barbaric attitudes can no longer be reached through education.

“2. Germany should strive for more widespread public interest in politics, not in party politics but in the active support of liberty, democracy and human dignity. These ideals should not be worshipped as the Holy Grail, far removed from the people, but should be understood as the common possession of everyone. A frank discussion of the problems of the recent past is essential.

“3. The task involves both for Germans themselves and for those in other countries, a faith in Germany and her capacity for democracy. If democracy should again fail in Germany, it means not only the downfall of Germany but the defeat of humanity itself.”

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