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Britain’s Position on Internationalization of Jerusalem Unchanged

The British Government has not changed its position on the internationalization of Jerusalem but is taking no steps to secure implementation of the United Nations resolution on that subject, a Government spokesman told the House of Commons.

W.D. Ormsby-Gore, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, told the House that the Government rejected the demand by Major E.A.H. Legge-Bourke, a Conservative, that it press for internationalization of Jerusalem “in view of the continued brutalities exercised by the Zionist police in the Holy City against devout Jews.”

Mr. Ormsby-Gore noted that the question referred to the dispute in Jerusalem over a municipal mixed bathing pool and commented that “a mixed bathing pool in a foreign country is not a matter in which the Government should wish to get involved.

Major Legge-Bourke termed it “highly undesirable” from the viewpoint of preservation of the Holy Places that incidents such as the pool demonstrations continue and asked if the Government “could not do something with the Israel Government “could not do something with the Israel Government to see if it could be avoided.” Mr. Ormsby-Gore said it was not for the British Government to intervene.