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Israel Attorney General Hits U.S.S.R. on Trade Arbitration Procedures

Attorney General Chaim Cohn of Israel indirectly accused the Soviet Union here of “refusing” to submit trade disputes to arbitration tribunals which do not include citizens of the U. S. S. R. Without mentioning the suit which Israeli oil companies are now pressing against the Soviet Government in a Moscow arbitration court, for unilateral cancellation of a citrus-for-oil contract in 1956, Mr, Cohn insisted that arbitral procedures must be international, and not controlled by one of the countries involved in a dispute.

The Israeli directed his remarks at K.K. Bakhtov, head of the Soviet delegation to the United Nations Conference on International Commercial Arbitration, which is in session here to work out an international treaty for peaceful settlement of trade disputes. Mr. Cohn reminded the delegates that “there are still some mighty powers which refuse to submit to international arbitration.”