Anti-semitic Sentiments in Germany Still Strong, Editors Report
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Anti-semitic Sentiments in Germany Still Strong, Editors Report

There is a danger of “regression” into “nationalist passions” in West Germany today, German editors warned today at a journalists’ conference called here by the German Society for Christians and Jews.

Freiherr von Imhoff, editor of a local paper, who sounded this warning, revealed that Nazi-like slogans appeared during recent provincial elections and that the compensation authorities have received stacks of anti-Semitic mail, as have newspapers and radio stations throughout the Republic. Karl Marx, publisher of the weekly “Allgemeine Wichen-zeitung der Juden, reported receipt of huge quantities of anti-Jewish mail, but said his experiences with German youth, particularly students, gave him cause to be hopeful.

In Cologne, meanwhile, at a Mayor’s reception for Prof. Martin Buber, two German authors announced the establishment of a library in Cologne to specialize in literature concerning German-Jewish relations. The library will seek material and assistance from other institutions in Germany and abroad.

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