First Issue of “indo-israel Review” Appears in India; Stresses Exchange
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First Issue of “indo-israel Review” Appears in India; Stresses Exchange

“India has much to offer Israel in the way of raw materials, food, etc. Israel in her turn has much to offer India by way of scientific knowledge and technical personnel, so necessary for the industrial development of India,” according to the “Indo-Israel Review” a new publication which made its appearance today.

“An exchange of cultural missions, technical missions, trade delegations etc, will be of mutual benefit to the two countries. The lessons in the experiment in socialism which has been so successful in Israel, will also be of great help to India at the present juncture,” the paper stresses in its leading article.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Mrs. Golda Meir, in a message, wrote: “I understand that your publication will be dedicated to the fostering of an understanding and friendship between India and Israel by spreading knowledge of the history, culture and ideals of both countries.”

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